The following tech notes provide information on common use cases with our software and hardware.


Graphical MSR Capture Program

6th September 2019


Capturing traffic on a SpaceWire link has been simplified with this easy to use application. This guide shows you how to select your capture options, store the acquired data in easy to manage formats and sizes, and integrate with open source tools such as Wireshark for real time capture >>


Stream files through a DSI

6th September 2019


When testing a device all you may wish to do is to send some predefined data and see what data it sends back for verification purposes. This utility allows you to build a list of test data, send it to the device and record responses from that device for offline analysis >>


Python API Guide

6th September 2019


We now provide a binding to Python. This guide provides an overview of the API and simple examples of how to integrate into your application >>